domain for sale


For any European or other western company trying to source suppliers at Alibaba it is impossible, because all information is conflicting and endlessly duplicated in a none constructed form. For some reason being factual accurate and easy identifiable is not a feature in Alibaba. You as a fashion supplier needs to be presentable to reach your future sales targets in the western world. By being the owner of  you can create presentation of your products to the world. Having domain for sale at your control and use will save you money in your yearly marketing budget. How much do you spend yearly on marketing including exhibitions and commissions already.


You are already spending advertising money on Google to have a high placement, when it comes to fashion digital marketing. Consider the even higher placement and for less money you can have with the use of the domain name


The transfer can be done via Escrow service. Payment can also be done in Spain using EURO or Ethereum


EURO 160.000  You are welcome to make offer, also in combination with more domains available for your industry as you can see on domains for sale page.



 Please ask questions. WhatsApp: +34 660 69 3610 desktop video calls.