FASHION DIGITAL Fashion brands and fashion designers virtual showrooms


While the novel (COVID-19)is inflicting damages on various countries in the world, most of this year’s exhibitions have been canceled, but trade needs to continue. So we launch fashion digital online exhibition. A B2B and B2C fashion procurement platform. Fashion brands and fashion designers virtual showrooms. Each brand and fashion designer provided with an independent show room with product description, pictures, videos, live stream of owners showroom, and by appointment  online video conference with clients.


Fashion digital catwalk

Trendy women


Premier Spot

All has equal premier spot, each showroom provides its own visual presentation and conditions for VPV virtual private visit, video conference. We recommend showrooms minimum use of a Logitech BCC 950 video conference webcam. Clients can request via Skype. Showrooms  can easily be look up by name, brand and registered product categories. Online visitors equally needs to be registered showing product category interests.


Fashion digital Fashion brands and fashion designers virtual showrooms. 

The corona crisis has accelerated the development of the retail industry, where much trade has been forced away from the physical stores and over to online sales.

All businesses that want to survive in the future should be looking at their strategies regarding diversity, sustainability, and ethical practices. All cities and industries need to be willing to shift the structures and invite new faces, ages, bodies, abilities, and diverse talent inside.

The innovation and diversity of the digital shows. It’s now not only for the few people invited to see the shows but for everyone to take part.

And if retail is not ready, it could lead to store closures, deserted malls and empty pedestrian streets – a development that has been advanced by ten years.


Digital textile printing


Fashion print image Consulting

Your consulting fashion designer at Fashion Digital is happy to work with you, to select fabrics and custom printing for great clothing . They can support in choosing custom printed fabrics. Your designs or print designs found at image databases like Depositphotos and Shutterstock then printed using software.



Fashion digital online trade exhibition

Fashion digital Fashion brands and fashion designers virtual showrooms. Apparel Designers
Athletic Wear, Bridal, Children, Consultants, Costume, Evening Wear, Flamenco dresses, Lingerie, Menswear, Swim wear, Unisex, this days fashion wear, young fashion, street wear, work wear.



Tailoring for the trade and haute couture

That way, you can have the clothes you like.  Fashion designers offers custom seizing and full tailoring by hand or on-demand custom production . Whether you need  for formal occasions or you want to change your entire collections – wardrobes, that’s what we’re here for.


Robina von Stein

We have to permanently rethink the fashion industry.  This current time is the time to rethink our fashion system. Let’s rebuild it.

Gucci is ditching the “worn out ritual” of fashion seasons and shows, cutting its annual runway plans from five to two as the pandemic forces a reckoning of the entire industry. The luxury brand is the latest to endorse a permanent rethink of fashion. Leading the way in ending the system of fashion shows that has been torture for the industry for years now. What next? “We need new oxygen to allow this complex system to be reborn.”

Milton Pedraza

Fashion brands and designers now have a unique opportunity to build deeper, longer client relationships. This is the beginning of a transformation that will include true customer centricity, privileged access to customer data,  intelligence, emotional , advanced personalization and innovative products that are more  custom made and made to order for each customer than off the rack, and transcend channels. The economics of this new system are far superior in margins and may deliver as much absolute profitability and huge sustainability with lower revenues. Stay tuned. Not every brand can execute this.

Joanne Yulan Jong

The current crisis combined with the impact of digital has changed the fashion business forever.It’s a relief to see the dysfunctional fashion calendar formats and seasonality are going to change. This crisis has been the catalyst for the actions we have long observed, talked and written about. Something better and more creative will come from it, how to stay relevant, credible and grow in such a challenging environment.
Something powerful happens at the intersection of entrepreneurship and beautiful design. When the two come together that’s when a fashion business today will succeed.